Summer (?)

How are you guys? Me? FINE as always. But haven't been in the beach yet. :( Haven't touch sea water yet. Sadly, we don't have time to go to the beach cause everyone's busy.
By the way, we're here in my aunt's house in Bulacan. That's why I haven't updated my blogs. And oh,before I forget, please vote my entry here in Nikon's Giveaway. You just need to LIKE  my entry through your facebook account.

Here's my entry guys, and here's the link. (click!) :D Thanks guys. Every vote counts.

I really love joining online contest and giveaways. Oh, haven't I mention I have already a worpress blog and a new domain? :D Yaps. Thanks Nadine for this wonderful gift. Presenting.... my wordpress blog,! Haven't updated it yet. I'll update later. My cam isn't working. :( I really want a DSLR. Hahayst!

And now, I'm looking for a wordpress maker, I'll pay :D I just want a personalized theme. If anyone's interested, please leave a mail @ mhyrr_xhieh18(at)yahoo(dot)com.

Ok, that's for now fellas :D


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed your summer! Oh and that photo is really pretty! I'll surely vote for this! :D

    Good luck!

  2. I suddenly missed riding Anchors Away! Good luck with your entry! :)

  3. Urgh! I've never been on the beach this summer too. >.<

  4. Aw, anchor's away~ buti ka pa eh may vacation~ ako wala eh, bahay lang XD Anyways, congratulations on your new domain! :D Try mong mag-edit ng wp, madali lang naman :D


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