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Posted on December 14, 2011, 07:47pm
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Sorry for the late update guys. I made some changes in my blog last time. I changed the color to clean one. My past layout looks odd and lifeless. It was just a plain grayish-violet in color and yah. So I made some changes and revamped it, but I don't like my layiee to look so kawaii. Donation button is placed right after every post, so it will be noticeable. :D

Past Layout

Current Layout

And if ever you want to ask for my past layout's codes, just tell me through comment box of this post. I will never use that. (I don't use layouts for the second time after revamps.)

One more week to go before the holiday vacation. I need to be ready for this because I'll never recieve allowance for almost a month. I heard that we're going to have a vacation in Bulacan (my mom's birthplace, approximately 3 hours drive from our house). It's almost a year when we last visited there. I so miss my cousins and aunts and uncles.

I mentioned in my last post my wishlist for next year.

Only 17 more days to go and it's 2012 officially and I don't still have a planner. I maybe too ambitious to have a Starbucks planner since I don't have money to buy their drinks, aside from the cost, I have a lot of things to prioritize than buying lusts for myself. Another thing is, I want to have braces, my teeth suck, really. I can notice those tiny droplets coming out from my mouth anytime I speak up, and yes, that's uncomfortably embarrassing. To have braces is a big thing. I am now saving money to reach Php10,000 for the down-payment. I wish it will not take 2 years or longer. You don't need a calculator to compute my savings. It is just a simple addition and subtraction. Deduct Php24 (transpo) and 35 (food/lunch) from Php100 (my daily allowance). I came up with Php30/day. Devide 10,000 by 30, and you will get 333.333333, or 334 days. It is almost a year or not, cause we have weekends, I don't have allowance on Saturdays and Sundays. Hayst. I'm still hoping it will never take that loooooooooooooooong.

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