Rain, Go Away!

Posted on December 8, 2011, 06:53pm
Scheduled post at 9:56pm

It's been raining the whole time! (Sabi nga ng mommie ko, ang sipag naman daw ng ulan.) This morning, before I went to school, it was raining. Actually, we don't have classes today (Batangas City) for today is the celebration of that Immaculate something in our place. I don't know so much about it.

And BTW, I have here now my 7th-10th doodle. (Hurray!). I've decided to merged everything in one doodle so I will not consume too much ink and time in making 10 doodles in one night.

7. Childhood Memory
I choose TOOTHBRUSH. When I was in grader, I really love playing with my classmates. I don't care about the time or something. Then I fell down on a rough road and scratched my palm. So it bled, and I cried a lot. Some small stones got inside my wound and I really can't take them off. What my dad did was this; he grabbed a toothbrush and brushed it off. I cried and told my dad that he better stop brushing my palm, cause I'll be running out of blood. Haha.
8. What I Like
DOMO-KUN (Don't ask why.)
9. Fragile
My heart. Just like everyone's.
10. Pet
I have a pet and the name was Lucky. He is a half Japanese Spitz.

That's all. I'm tired.

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  1. Hmm. Domo-kun. I will never ask why! never! haha!

    Doodles doodles~ :D

    Pag ulan ang usapan, ang lagi kong sinasabi, "Kung makaulan naman wagas! Magtira ka naman para bukas!" Hahaha!


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