Exams aren't over yet.

Posted on December 7, 2011, 08:09pm
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After a stressful week, () I thought everything is over. I haven't accomplished my doodles, still don't have time for it. . 1 exam down. 5 more left. But I felt so exhausted this week. We've been through a lot of practice and we're cramming for preliminary examination. I don't still have books in Oral Communication (last book to buy) . Tomorrow, we'll have a rehearsal again. And I hope it'll be our last, because I;m really tired about my lazy classmates who are not following my directions. They're so maarte, even boys, there's no exemptions. I'm tired of shouting . So enough for that.


We don't have classes tomorrow. And oh, before I forgot, I had the worst dream of my life yesterday morning! And it really shook me off. Perhaps I can tell you that by tomorrow when I get OL again. Or next time. It depends on my mood, kk? It's just I don't wanna remember. Huhu. . My mom was right. Because I haven't prayed that night, so I had a nightmare.


And oh,, I enjoyed plaing some games in Y8.

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