La Virginia Resort

Posted on April 11, 2012, 7:47pm

I got my grades this afternoon, and yes, just like what I expected, I got low grades. Ofcourse I did my best, but I guess my best wasn't good enough. :(

By the way, last last month, we had our project in Club and Resort Management, it was all about resorts, the history, facilities and amenities, and other stuffs like that. We have chosen La Virginia Resort located in Lipa. Actually, we have 6 resorts in our list, and since La Virginia was the nearest among others, we have decided to visit the resort. Php300 for the entrance fee, you can enjoy the scenic and fantastic view of the resort, enjoy the pool, and take pictures on their spots. Other facilities, including huts, cottages are not free of use.

John, Faye, Gladyz and ME.
With Mrs. Hernandez, the hospitable General Manager of the resort.
Our packed lunch. Roasted chicken courtesy of Gladyz.
Tuna spaghetti, made by ME.
And grilled fish, courtesy of John.
The Pagoda House, The Castle, Guest Houses
Fruity Cottages near the Fruity pool
Some of the sculptures found inside the vicinity.


The fantastic view of Taal Lake.
Ifugao Village, where you can see the Ifugao houses
And yes, because of our curiosity, we tried zipline ride too.

They also offer different kinds of sports and recreational activities like Badminton (how did I say so? They have badminton court.), Basketball, but to experience that, you need to pay. Haha.
We enjoyed our stay in the resort even though the wind that night (we slept there for one night) wanted to knock us down, so forceful and cold.

La Virginia Leisure Park and Amusement Resort
Mataas na Kahoy, Lipa City

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  1. Those are actually good grades already. :) Don't feel bad, atleast you did your best right?

    Sounds like you had tons of fun. :)

  2. thanks veron. but that's not what i worked hard for. :(

  3. Your grades are not that bad. It also depends on the professor who gave you that grade. Some teachers are very strict that you must adhere to his/her rules to get higher grades. Small failure will push you far from your aim grade. The grades are fine, as long as you enjoy your student life. By the way, as I look on your travel photos, the places you've been through are very awesome! I wish I could travel there just for once. I'm sure you are very happy with your vacation. Keep up blogging! :)

  4. Congratulations on your grades!! :)
    The resort looks good, too bad it's too far from where I live. :( and oh, your tune spaghetti looks yummy! :)

  5. Thanks for the compliments Ate Jen and bathroom whatever (?). :)

    i wish i'll be happy with this so boring vacation :(

  6. The zipline looks like fun. Too bad di pa tapos nun huli kami nagpunta dati. :|


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