Summer Wishlist

Posted on April 27, 2012, 2:18pm

I hate summers! Even I don't have assignments and projects to finish, I don't have money to buy stuffs too. I've been daydreaming over and over again for the last 72 hours about what I wanna have and what I wanna buy for myself. I hate being broke! I hate it!
At kapag walang pera, sa bahay lang parate, walang kulay ang buhay, palaging gutom, tulo laway. Huhu. Ang hirap naman.
Ok, stop with my nonsense drama. Soh invited me to join her and her family in Star City on the first week of June. I don't have any idea when is the first day of school. My classmate planned and told me that we must start applying for part time job. We don't have to be choosy on what kind of job will it be. Yet still, I don't want to work on fast food chains, where jobs are so hard and exhausting. I can see the employees running and running all over the place, serving and providing the needs of the customers. Why is it I'm not like that when I got my first OJT (on-the-job) training in Max's Restaurant? Perhaps it's because that restaurant is a semi fine dining so we have to be semi formal. What did I say lah? Whatever!

Here's my updated wishlist:
  • Braces
  • Black jacket or sweater
  • korean style shoes
  • Checkered skirt
  • Black bangels
  • Chickara hat
  • Post it
  • Superman shirt
  • Varsity jacket
  • Part time job
  • Wear contact lenses
  • Dye my hair
  • Play with snow
  • Try ice skating
  • Color my room pink
  • Try sushi with fresh fish meat
I wish I'll have a chance to have these this summer. (Until the last day of the year :P)

Ok, let's eat.


  1. I think writing is an adventure open for anyone with a passion.

  2. omg how i hate summer too.. no allowance means being broke the whole summer :( unless u have summer job :((

    anyway hope u fulfill your wishlist soon! :) hehe take care!


  3. that's a lot of things on your wishlist :)) haha . hope you'll get them soon .

    i also don't like that part of summer where i'm broke . xD

  4. @Kumiko, yes, I agree.

    @Abby&Nice, I hope to. I wish there's a fountain of money, then I'll just get what I need, and have what I want. That's all. :P


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