Well Hello Vacation!

Posted on April 1, 2012, 08:12pm

First day of the month of April, and yes, hello vacation! Even though I still have one unfinished business with my teacher in Club and Resort Management cause I won't be able to join the International tour (sadly, that's life. but this is another opportunity for me :D). My mom told me I can have braces this vacation. :) BUT, I got an INC in my card. To fill this, I need to create a business plan alone. Wow! That's exciting! Really, and it's like I wanna do this.

And then, I'll need to pay P600+ for the special permit. That's smaller than P30,000 (fare cost). There were so many controversies in school, that's why I haven't posted anything in my blog. I really miss blogging, blog hopping, html-ing, editing, et al. If I'll have time to spare, I'll change my template into a new one. It's been raining the whole time. And I just hope that it will not rain tomorrow. And yes, thanks to my teacher in Events Management, she granted my wish to have one of the premium notes of our school.


What else? People do change. We really can’t tell how long will this/that person will stay as he/she is. It’s true that change is the only constant thing in the world. They don't stay on the way they use to be. They think everything has a reason and we can't never change that. But it's us who hold our lives. We are the one who has the power to manipulate our lives. There's no such destiny. No lines on our palm, traces on the stars that can tell weather we'll succeed or something. We are creating our own. So, if we want to have our old lives, true friends back, it must start with ourselves. (May pinaghuhugutan. Hehe) I just want to take my chances. Be a better person. Stop arguing with others about what you have not do and about what they did. We're old enough and we need to act our age. Impose maturity, not immaturity. Bow. Whew. That's long. There's a story behind this really. I just don't want to make things complicated. :P

 Last words? “You cannot convince a person who is too narrow‒minded to accept the ideas that you are saying.” — Vin


  1. Parang familiar yang panda na yan sa GIF. Nakita ko na ata YouTube vids niya dati. Hehe.

    Anyway, sorry to hear na andaming gastos. Neverending din mga gastos sakin eh.. pero iniisip ko nalang na everything will just go back eventually. Kelangan nalang maging mas tipid kahit papano.

    And it's true that change is constant and we have no choice but to adjust to it. It's hard to deal with narrow-minded people, though :s


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