Ann's Home of Cakes and Pastries; Butterscotch Squares

Aside from eating and net surfing, capturing stunning formation of clouds is now one of my fave hobby. And those awesome bloggers from other Asian countries inspired me to do so.

In the photo below, I can see a girl lying in bed, (wafting) having her favorite yogurt night mask which she just has bought from the near boutique the day after yesterday. On the other side, there's an italic letter A, H and I.


Then after purchasing some necessities, when my sister, Domo and I staggered to our feet, we tried Ann's Butterscotch squares. Ann's Home of Cakes and Pastries has two stores in Batangas, one in Bolbok, beside Batangas Sports Complex, and a small stall in front of Badminton Studio at D. Silang Street.

Domo likes Ann's pastries! And he doesn't wanna share. Hmmm. After this sweet dessert, we had a sip of Milkis, a Korean carbonated drink and just plopped like Domo.

And this is me, exhausted.

I'll be out tomorrow, will living my independent life beginning Saturday. Woah! I'm kinda wobbly. *huff* 


  1. Butterscotch! My favorite pastry! Lol cool photos <3

  2. Domo so cute! Love the photos! The packaging of Milkis is cute, :3

  3. Pretty captures. You have the eye of a photographer. <3

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    FASHION BLOG: Remakestyle

  4. Clouds are amazing to capture, I love taking clouds too.. but now right now, ;p

  5. oh gosh, the clouds... so pretty! i want to capture some also. T_T why is my time so limited! here is cloudy all the time.

  6. great sky photos! i love looking at the sky actually :)
    anyway, i hope you can join my giveaway series if you haven't yet!

    Rae :3

  7. love for domo :D mukang masarap yung pastry,.

  8. Loved the butterscotch too! Went to P. Canlapan branch and tried blueberry cheese cake. :)
    Blogged it here >


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