Hiatus for almost 2 months

Thanks every one for your comments and visits. I miss all of you as much as I miss blogging. I have a lot of queue posts but I guess I need to polish everything before posting one. I've got a lot of experiences at my boarding house and some were unforgettable. My training place is a WOW too. If you're too curious about that place, visit it here. It is a private residential and golf club, restaurants, spa and lodge establishment situated at 400+ hectares of land along the lake of Taal and Mountain of Makiling. Sorry for not having photos of me cause it is prohibited inside the company.

I promise to post something informative once I got back. Take care everyone :D


  1. Hello! visiting here. 24 days before Christmas! Have anything you want to receive?
    Ive tagged you..feel free to view HERE and share your wishlist.. Dont forget to send me the link so i can see it too.



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