Fenling Bamboo Brush Review

Buenas targes amigos and amigas! As listed on my October Wishlist, I wanted to have a Make Up Brush Collection Set even I'm not a make up enthusiast due to my skin's hypersensitivity disorder, it just look so girly (hehe). But despite of the fact that I'm not really into make ups, I spent bucks for this Fenling bamboo powder brush.

It doesn't actually cost like Elf's and other branded cosmetic tools but it doesn't look cheap, perfect for dusting off excess, still has the same quality as the others. Yet, I haven't tried it on blending blushes. Fenling's Bamboo brushes are sometimes compared to ECOTOOLS (better than Fenling ofcourse) because brushes' softnes is almost same. It is one of the best cheap brushes, they say.

See, it fits perfectly with my other make up brushes and tools.


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  2. Super nice! it looks fluffy and sturdy ah! :)

    Followed you!! <3

    The Misty Mom


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