Featured: JD Gross Collection Superieur

Hoping that I'd be more productive this month. I'm always tired and lazy to shout my heart out. How can I apologize? -_-

Anyhow, I wanna share with you this product I just received last week! Hooray! ^_^

No, don't ever think of that! This isn't a set of oil pastels you use for doodles and the like, yes, looks may deceive you but this is totally edible.

Why? They're chocolates! Tita Ethel gave me this JD Gross Collection Supérieur from LIDL company with some other stuff she got from Germany.

The brand isn't new to me. I've tried J. D. Gross Madagascar chocolate before, and still can't get over how luscious it was.

What I like about this set is that, there are eight (8) types/flavour of different chocolates, each individually wrapped. Each variety has a different color on top of the golden band. Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, mocha, hazel nuts, almond nuts and the rest are indescribable. The whole set weighs 200 grams, and I guess a piece averagely weighs 10 grams (other goes to the packaging). It is easier to finish eating a little less of what you would eat if it came well packed like this, awesome ayt?

Some are plain and some are stuffed. You can definitely choose which flavour to take. All were translated to German so it's more challenging if you'll just pick and guess. :)

I don't crave for chocolate most of the time, but trying this one really changed my perspective about bite sized goodies. My ticklish taste buds shout for more more more! I just wish we have a lot of this!

What's your fave foreign chocolate/chocolate brand? Mind sharing it with me?


  1. My favorite is cadbury but last year I asked my hubby to buy other brands so I got to taste them and see if I will like them. :)

  2. Oh wooow! This looks lush!! I'm not a massive chocolate fan but I do enjoy the Japanese flavoured kitkats such as Blueberry Cheesecake, Sakura, Orange and Passionfruit and Green Tea. Nom nom nom!


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