Featured: Mother's Cookies' Circus Animal Cookies

While reaching out for a newly discovered song's lyrics called Roar by Katy Perry, I saw my cousins running around munching something new. "Baby, what's that?", I asked. Without further ado, they handed me this big bag of goodies for me to try it myself. It's Mother's Cookies Circus Animal Cookies!

Circus Animal cookies, popular in the US, are small animal shaped cookies, which are covered in pink/white frosting and rainbow sprinkles. I've read a lot of stories, reviews and rants about this popular cookie brand. Others claimed it has changed a lot since the company's discontinuity. Well, I can't brag about that, 'tis the first time I've ever tasted the product.

Nothing fancy or peculiar with the biscuits actually. Not my thing really, only to those with sweet tooth perhaps.

Have you tried these cookies? I'd love to hear from you. ;)


  1. Haven't tried it. Looks like Knick Knacks? Hehe. The colors and shapes are cool, I bet kids will love that! :)

    REAlity Bites

  2. sis it reminds me of knick knacks :D the little fish cookies ^^ ps. katy perrys roar is on loop on my itunes haha :)

    1. yes sis, it's the same without colorful sprinkles. :D but tastes different.

  3. hi myx! i am new on blog and i found your blog interesting. i love cookies too and i am on diet! hope we can be a blogger friends. :)


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