Management Monday: The Right Whisk

Happy Monday everyone! Today's post is about tips and tricks on how to handle and manage stuff in the kitchen (like how tos and DIYs).

Every kitchen should have a whisk on hand. It might not be a must, but it's an essential kitchen tool. Don't you just love mixing your favorite cake batter with a handy-dandy wire whisk?

So today, I'm gonna show you several balloon whisks we own. Yaps, there were different types of whisks base on their purposes. (We'll tackle that in the future. ^_^)

Among the whisk shown on the photo above, which one do you own?

These were the first two whisk shown in the first photo. Are these the ones in your stash? They might be the cheapest and the commonly available whisk almost everywhere.

If you're planning to buy these. Then don't, never buy such whisks. These accumulate rust and loose so easily (after atleast 3 usage). You can't even use them in making homemade mayo I tell you. -_-

No, you definitely not going to buy silicon whisk like this. Silicon tends to break (caused of friction) so quickly. Germs tuck into the broken silicon tubes and multiply. See? (Gross right?)

Look for whisk with a solid or rubber handle (this helps to prevent from slipping). A stainless head is a plus instead of wire.

They're a bit pricey than others but it isn't too bad to invest for a good quality of kitchen utensil.

Sometimes, it isn't bad to buy cheap stuff with low quality when you're in a tight budget, yet we always want the best for our family, ayt? *wink*


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