Cafe St. Honore at Balagtas, Batangas City

Hey guys! I just finished watching Prison Break Season 1. It has a lot of Episodes that it took me half a month to finish it. Ooops, don't blame me yet dear ones, I only watch the series after work so I only got two hours preferably for entertainment, and I got lots of priorities. Uhum! I can't sleep yet, so I decided to write something for my blog.

If you're from Batangas City, you probably have heard about this month old cafe, and it was last Saturday night when I, my sister and my bestfriend finally had the chance to visit this café. Yes, it is a very cold night since it was raining very hard and we can't do anything but to feel every bits of hunger. So with a very high expectation with the foods they offer, we had the following dishes for dinner.

To start with, they served us these drinks we ordered.

Best friend had a cup of hot Cappuccino for herself. It comes with a mini jar of brown sugar, means; you have the free will to decide how sweet your coffee will be. At first, I asked if they got latte arts because just like other cafés out there, they got pretty designs for the hot drinks, but too bad for me cause they don’t. (It will be my first time to try handcrafted latte with art supposedly.)

Cappuccino (Php50)

Next, my sister's iced drink despite of the cold weather. It does tastes well.

Coffee Crumble Milk Shake (Php80)

My drink doesn't have to be so dramatic that I can take hundred shots out of it. No, this one is just a choice to satisfy my very peculiar coffee craving. Yes, I don't drink coffee. But due to circumstances, I learned to take some shots, in the office, at home, and just wherever I go to. It comes with a cute little jar with glucose syrup in it. I just filled everything in, and it tasted good, just right.

Iced Coffee Black (Php45)

Since this thing carries the establishment's name, it is very compulsory for us to try it. The burger is pretty small, compared to those I got from burger joints out there which cost just the same. (They got reasons why, I know.) It wasn't bad, but there's still something missing.

St. Honore Beef Burger - Php155
Homemade beef pate topped with tomato and chili relish, saute red onions and cheddar cheese plus french fries.

Next is this sandwich I found interesting just because it has sauerkraut on it. Yes, it is a Western thing (German), and it means, sour cabbage. I was so eager to have my tongue tasted it the first time I saw its name, cause it bear a Bible name, right? But got disappointed that it doesn't have a generous portion of sauerkraut (People know how much I love veggies.) and cheddar cheese. But, it is pretty heavy, me and my best friend shared with the two slices.

The Rueben - Php120
Homemade corned beef, American cheddar, sauerkraut served in whole wheat bread and french fries.

We also had two mini cupcakes for dessert and they're just a thumb size.

Mini Red Velvet Cupcake
Mini Cookies and Cream Cupcake (Php15 each)

And you know what, they got very cheap pastries, and I havn't had the chance to try their cheesecake.

Chocolate Mousseline Cake - Php[well, I forgot!]

My sister's favorite part of the food trip is having herself some good selfies.

As mentioned, she's my sister.

Overall, I enjoyed the place, it was actually packed when we walked in. The food, I'm good with the Reuben, but maybe there were still a lot to try. I will not settle to my verdict, not until I tried every dish they have on their menu.

Anyways, I found four of my former classmates in college, and all of them, they're working on food industry. Two work at Bo's Coffee (haven't tried that though its just in front of the office), and the other two work at Pizza Hut.

Visit Cafe St. Honore FB page here.


  1. Looks very interesting. You got good food photography skills. ;)

    1. Thank you! But i still have a lot of things to learn. :D

  2. choco cake looks yum, cupcake a cutie! I wish I can explore Batangas City again, it's been a while...

  3. Thanks for the tip this is a really nice feature :-) Have a good one!

    1. Thanks for dropping by too! And yeah, I'm looking forward to visit your place soon, and blog about it too. :D

  4. Nice feature you got there :) Really happy about how local Batangas cafes and restaurants are being featured online. Have a nice day! :)

  5. Hello there I'm back! :) You've been wandering the city this past few days ha! We should meet some time :D Di ko pa na try dito kumain and I don't know if I will visit the place kasi I don't drink milkshakes and coffee. But I like their place, cute you wall arts.

    1. Thanks ate for dropping by. Yeah. maybe that will be cool. We can also meet other bloggers that we know who live nearby. :D About the cafe, better to try other na lang po, medyo disappointed din kasi kami since a little expensive but didn't met our expectations.


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