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HTC One M7

Where do you get gadget updates at the moment? Well, for me, I got Android Authority, been following them on their GG+ and blog for almost years, but since I'm very occupied with lots of things now, I don't have that much time to course around through their site. Actually, that isn't a bad thing. Sometimes, it's better to talk about these kind of geeky things with someone than just to read them all alone with you not really understanding the matter (for that's what happening in my part. LOL).

And since we talk about these kinds of things, boyfriend (yes, he's my number one gadget news source! hihi) told me about the new Sony Xperia Z5 with a 23 MP camera with Hybrid Autofocus (how COOL was that! almost like a digital single-lens reflex camera!), and way better than any other android phones (they say). But it's more sleek and of course comes with lots of features (I don't need to write down everything otherwise this blog will fall into another category). But that's possible in the future, blogging updates and reviews about things, we never know. :)

And also, I found out that after all these awesome android watch and so, there'll be this Wove Band coming out. But the band isn't completed yet, the company (which I do not know what, sorry) is still looking for some people who can develop the band more. And maybe you want to check their site to know more about that, or not, if not.

So, what else? Ahh! There'll also be a Facebook update in the future. Users will be able to change their profile pictures into a quick movie clip! Since I am no longer into Facebook since the beginning of the year, I don't care much about this, but I just want to share. :)

There's a lot of updates going on actually. And there'll be more and more in the future, more than virtual reality and other wearable. I just hope they can invent something that can transport a person from one place to another, without needing any passport or visa. Haha.

About the picture, it is the HTC One M7 I'm so inlove with. ^_^


  1. aaaahhhh gadgets! my favourite topic to talk about! im so glad you talked about this! <3
    well aside from android authority i usually go for Marques Brownlee, he's a top notch gadget reviewer too, and his video are far from boring (sometimes he brings humor to his video, check him out, you'll see!)

    sony xperia z5 is awesome, indeed! i almost wanted to buy a sony smartphone when my phone was stolen few months ago but then again sony xperia z series got this glass material on the back of their phones and i am one clumsy kid and i afraid i might break the glass in my first few weeks of usage so unfortunately i have to scratched it from my list and bought a Samsung Note 4 instead :/

    But it's not a bad thing though! I'm so in love with my Note 4 right now and the stylus is just a plus point for the phone <3 cant see myself without it now!

    I'm currently eyeing on Samsung's Note Edge though...... the side screen is just sooo... uhm <3

    1. Oh yeah hunnie! Good to know that we're both back to blogging business, though it is not a business for us at all. LOL.

      Marques Brownlee, I can't remember if my boyfriend introduced his channel to me, but I am watching his vids, yes!

      I am just pretty unsure about the stability of the company (Sony), for I think they're on their declination now. I don't know, I just heard that when I had a seminar before. :P

    2. haha! well, we will never get away from blogging business after all, wont we? ;P

      oh really? i thought they're doing just fine! :O


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