MajFags is Back on Track!

Hallo allemal! I hope you are all doing well, just like me! (Except from the fact that I am suffering from muscle pain and mouth sore. Oh yeah, that's what you get when you started working out after years of not doing so, and I also had my brace's adjustment just few hours ago.)

So to continue with all that matters, I started reopening this business again. I already did opened so many, just seems nothing works out as time pass. Urgh, I hate myself from doing so, I mean, pausing things out. Grr.

Anyways, I'm creating tags, and also fridge magnets using foam.

These are orders I got the past weeks. I hope other's will have time to consider ordering some. They said that my products are cool, and useful. I hope so. Hihi.

Also, I am considering selling them nationwide, if in case anyone is interested.

So, if you are, please don't hesitate to drop a comment or reach me through Instagram -> @ladymyx.

Have a great day everyone!


  1. I know what you mean about getting sore after not working out for a long time... We'll have to push through xox

    Your fridge magnets are sweet, nice job♡

    1. thank you for dropping! Yes, been nagging about the aches for almost 4 days already, hihi. i hope i can still do it next week.


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