Things I Would Like To Do Before The Busy Months

Since I'll be busy the next months, I am considering revamping my page. I only had this layie for months after the Europe trip but it seems like it is not the one for me. Neat, minimal, that's what I like about it, but for sure, there's still something I would like to explore.

Few of the themes I used before were kept in my treasure box which was buried 18 feet below the grown. Simply means, I don't have them anymore! LOL.

So, I am thinking of the right theme for the right aura, and the right color for the right style that I'll be using. Phew! That sounds difficult ha.

And also, I am thinking of making a channel on Youtube that will bring about my travel diaries. Simply, video blog. Though I don't have a nice gadget with me yet, I guess my phone will still serve me well. I do own an HTC One m8 and I find that it has a pretty awesome camera. (On my other tab, I am playing songs on hit this month, but not my types actually, oh no, why am I being so difficult on things now?) But I got a problem which I thought just now. I DON'T HAVE AN EDITING SOFTWARE. My bad.

Next next month, I will be in Boracay to study. Yeps, I'll be there for a week. And I'm excited!

So I think I will start creating my theme na. See you guys again next time! I hope with an interesting post of maybe, with a no nonsense article. Doie!


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