Disneyland Park Paris: The Happiest Place on Earth

The first time I visited a theme park was when I was six years old, together with my brother and my Mom (the park was as young as me back then). There were rides, fascinating views, games and a whole lot more. I can still remember how fun was it. Really.

And even I'm a grown up now, I still have that feeling of excitement in parks. And in this post, I am very happy to share with you my experience when I visited the happiest place on earth, which happened to be in Paris! It was such a wonderful moment since it was like the saying, hitting two birds with one stone. Disneyland plus Paris! Men, that's so mind-boggling. Well, here I am, standing in the very front of Disneyland Paris! Woohoo! (If you will only hear how I sound like while writing this. Hihi)

Walt Disney Studios® Park is just beside Disneyland. We prefer to be at the theme park than the Studio and Village. The story does not stop here though. I am hoping that I will be able to see the other two Disney Parks in the future. If not, it's too bad, but that's okay. At least, I managed to leave my footprints in DPP!

One of the best place I visited in France is this park. The moment we arrived, it was gloomy and freeze-y. I think that's a good thing despite the mishap. Why? People are not in the mood to go so we have the whole park for ourselves only. Haha!

If you're planning to go visit Disneyland and/or Walt Disney Studios Park (wherever it is in the world), make sure that you're gonna spend a whole day or more inside the park. The things to explore are never ending. And if you're going to choose whether it is summer or fall, I recommend going there on lean season. It is a bit cold, yes, but hey, less sweat and odor!

My heart jumping while heading to the entrance

We are in!

Car was parked, now time to enter

If you book online, it is definitely different when you buy tickets via counter. And that was the biggest regret we did. We are confident enough that it will never be a hassle if we will just do walk in, but no. Apologizing for I do not remember how much the tickets were but I am telling you. it is way cheaper if you will book ahead online.

They said that it was Sleeping Beauty or Aurora's Castle which is inside the park. I do not know. I don't actually care which is which. All I know is that it looks so fabulous, most especially at night, when there were lights and music.

The Castle

Photos, not that much. Fun, that's my priority, so we made lots of fun!

Salad, Lasagna, Tiramisu and Iced Tea

We had a whole day trip inside the park, had our meal inside too, it is prohibited to carry food with you inside. (But if you're courageous enough like what my uncle did in the US, you can keep some burger inside your cloth or in your hat.)

Selfie with Mickey Mouse

The rides we tried were so ecstatically thrilling as if we are just kids playing around. Since there were short lines, we had almost everything they have. It was nice. The rain and the cold weather didn't stop us enjoying the fun inside the park.

There were no souvenir for me from the park. But my aunt got me and GJ a very cute couple key chain of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. :)

And oh! There were no characters that jog around the corner! The set up in Paris was not like how it is in the other Disneyland, I suppose. Perhaps it's winter, so they prefer not to roam around. We weren't able to come close to them. Well, too bad for us then.

Special thanks to GJ for bringing me to the happiest place on earth, the Disneyland in Paris!

Here's a quick and short video of the things we did inside the park. Enjoy watching guys!


  1. Aw, Disneyland Paris looks so fun! I'm a frequenter of Disneyland in California, but it's on my bucket list to visit paris. You look like you had so much fun! Lovely photos :)

    1. It is perfect for young ones and young at hearts like us. Yes, it was a very nice experience. Just too bad that it rained in the afternoon when its having the parade, so before that, noones around, then people came out trying to steal each others position :/ Well, I havent been to America, I wish I can have my feet step on that continent someday.

  2. This is the first time I get a glimpse of Disneyland in Paris, looks nice! Feels good to see your blog and I'm following you now to get updates. I hope you would like to follow me back. Thank you!


    1. Merci Mercy! Now I'm talking French :P Thank you for your feedback. And for following too. I just had followed your blog too! :D

  3. I booked for a short European tour next year and I'm still thinking if I should reserve a day for Disneyland. Is it any different from Disneyland Cali and HK? Hehe :) Just wondering :)

    1. Enjoy your trip to EU Jacqueline! I am pretty sure you're gonna have fun there. Sorry but I dont have any idea about the Disneylands in HK or in the US. It was my very first Disneyland visit in my whole life. But I am planning to visit HK, and its a plus that I have exclassmates working there. :) Hopefully, next year too!

  4. I've only been to two Disneylands and this one in Paris seems amazing! I really wish I can go to France someday. :)

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

  5. I lov your holiday pics! I haven't been to Hong Kong Disneyland before, only Europe and US but it looks so good there!


  6. Replies
    1. I hope I can be back to Paris. There are still stuff I wasn't able to see there. :) Thank you for visiting!

  7. Aaa Disneyland Paris! Definitely a must go!
    I've never been to a Disneyland technically. The last time I went to Japan it was Disney Sea, haha! :D
    By the way I love reading your blog, and I just follow you! Looking forward for another posts! :)


  8. I wish I could visit the park in Paris. What a lovely post!


  9. Ohmaygaaaad!!! DISNEYLAND it's actually in my bucketlist since i was a kid, and I know for sure someday somehow I will experienced that kind of happiness when you got there. Love love love ^^


  10. We used to drive down to Disney World in Orlando when my kids were litte. I would still love to go now, but the tickets are ridiculously high especially if you're not a resident of Florida. But, I wouldn't miss a day in Disney Paris if given a chance.

    1. I heard about the price from my uncle. So every time of our relatives wants to visit Disney in US, they need to contact him for price discount. :)

      Tickets in Paris was different from what we saw from the internet before going there. Our bad was we didn't expected it to be that high and we didn't grabbed the opportunity to book online. Now, we learned our lesson.

  11. Awww, so happy for you! I'd love to visit Disneyland soon but most likely in HK coz it's nearer. Still saving up for it. I mean, PARIS in itself is grand but it's not exactly the cheapest city on earth, haha! Therefore, I shall save! Awts ;)

  12. Looks really cold but I know you had fun! I love the video too! Hope I can learn to do something like that. Visit Walt Disney World in FL sometime in the future! You'll have more fun there. :)


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