Cafe Maria Jerica, Cubao; Affordability At Its Best

We went out of town again, this time, we will go to Antipolo, Rizal. But on our way, we first need to stop for lunch since we left early in the morning and attended our meeting, then it's 12 noon.

There was a friend, who has a friend, who has a friend, and no, I was just kidding. Hihi. One of our friend, who formerly lived in Manila took us to this Italian restaurant along with a busy street of mostly residential houses. She said that she often eats there with some close friends when she still stays in Manila proper.

What excites us is when she also mentioned the huge servings the restaurant offers. The place isn't that conducive but what we are looking for is where we can eat without hurting our pockets.

So without any ado, we walked and found ourselves lurking at the menu and taking time picking for what to eat. Because they have a wide array of pasta dishes, sandwiches and everything else, it took us quite some time to finally decide which to order. Ugh, that is always a very difficult thing to do.

Potato is one of our favorite root crops. And when you say pasta and pizza meal, it became automatic to us to have anything potato in different forms. It might be fries, wedges or mojos. That being said, we had ourselves an order of Mojo Potatoes (Php120) for our appetizer.

While we were to try yet another two pasta dishes, Chicken Primavera Pasta (Php90) was included first in our order. Think of that creamy-cheesy penne goodness, that is what we had tasted in the sauce. We were in awe thinking if the serving size was a plus since it is really huge for a person. I think it's best for sharing, at least with the size of my appetite.

Our third dish from Cafe Maria Jerica was this plate of Pesto Classic Pasta (Php80). Above all the dishes we had, this one for me is my personal favorite. I might be biased for picking it among everything since I am a big pasta fan, but this minimalist pesto dish was just amazing. Think about al-dente cooked pasta seasoned with a good amount of olive oil and pesto sauce, it was such a delight to eat.

We also had the other version of the pesto pasta, and this one is the Creamy Pesto Pasta (Php90). There's not that much to say about this one, just a nice creamy touch blend to the sauce which I can't weigh if I like it or I love it. But all in all, it was also good.

The next dish is GJ's pick. Customed to having a sandwich for lunch, he had a Bacon-Lettuce-Tomato Sandwich (Php95). Though funny to see a local potato chip brand (Jack n Jill Piatos) as a side of a sandwich (it was mostly Lay's Potato Chips or French fries), it was decent and pretty acceptable. The size of the sandwich may deceive you, but it feels seems so heavy in the tummy.

I don't actually remember why we still get a pan pizza for this meal because all the dishes were already filling. It was a Beef and Mushroom Pizza (Php120). What we just did was brought it home and had it for dinner.

What more can I say? It was a nice lunch we had, we were well filled and left no room for dessert. The price is so reasonable and it is worth another turn if ever we will be in Cubao again.

Cafe Maria Jerica
No.35 14th Ave., Socorro, Quezon City, Cubao (Main Branch)
Hours: Open 24hours, 7days a week


  1. This is a wonderful resto discovery. The price is not bad as I can see from its look, they look delicious.


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