Shopee University & Community Meet-up: Beginners Class at Lipa, Batangas

Working at home is always better than going out, taking a ride to your workplace and having a boss in the office. And that, I've proven true. Being the boss of your own makes the job easier, a lot happier and by that, you don't need to befriend everyone. Haha. It is not that I am saying you should (when you're inside a formal environment), but it does help your performance. I think.

Anyways, the past months, I tried working at home selling retail stuffs online. If you haven't heard of what we sell, you can head over this post; Thank you!

A platform that helps us the most with our sales is Instagram. Though it is a social network site, it drives buyers through its easy accessibility and hashtag search feature (the most comfortable app to use the hashtag search). But we did not stop there. Using various sites help us to attract followers, and most especially, the buyers. That is why we tried an e-commerce platform called For local selling, it is better than eBay, I find.

Not so long, I received an email from them asking if I can come to one of their workshop. Since it is just within the vicinity, why not give it a shot? I also got interested because they're going to conduct the class for free. So why not, right?

The class mainly aimed to teach the sellers how to run and grow sales a successful online business. They also taught us how to join campaigns and how to be a Preferred Seller.

Shopee University's Beginners Class includes:

  • Seller spotlight
  • How to attract buyers
  • How to fulfill orders
  • Tracking your performance
  • Workshop: DIY Lightbox
  • And a lot of fun and giveaways!

My favorite parts about the discussion are: How to expose more of your products and how you can attract more buyers. It is very informative on our part. To be honest, we are using the app for only three weeks at that time. That is why I find the workshop very handy. Hihi.

It is not a blog event, but I enjoyed all the lessons we tackled there so I am sharing my experience. We already got our very first sale from Shopee and we never regret that we attended the class. And being a buyer ourselves, it taught us too on how to be keen when buying products from others.

We had the venue at Max's Restaurant and the last picture shows the meal we had that night. It's been a long time since I had their fried chicken (it was still good though it looks like a zombie. hihi).

Have you tried selling on an e-commerce site? What do you think about


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    1. You can actually try to look at their website for their class schedule. :D Visit

  2. Shopee offers a lot of great products at really affordable prices!

  3. It's nice to see that the "online world" is helping more and more businesses esp. the small ones.. Nice one.. :)

    1. Indeed. I really appreciate that they host programs like this not to earn extra but to educate their users.

  4. You were there? I signed up initially, but couldn't make it to Lipa on time so I didn't go. :(

  5. Kailan po kayo ulit sa pampanga...?.thanks you and God bless..

    1. You can always check their FB group at Thank you!

  6. I want to attend a training, when will be the schedule here at SJDM Bulacan or Manila...