The Perfect Season to Visit The Netherlands

Me in the Netherlands last 2016

Disclaimer: This post was inspired by an IG friend. She had a question on one of her stories, so I thought, why not make a post about it.

From an Asian's perspective, it will always be winter (and oh, autumn too), the perfect season to visit the Netherlands. How so? Let's count the reasons why.
  1. It snows. Winter never exist in countries like Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, etc. Playing in the snow or making a snow angel is a dream for many.
  2. You can stay in your bed the whole day. It is cold, what else will you do then?
  3. People are inside their homes. And because of that, commercial cities (stad), museums, and parks are so unoccupied that one can maximize his time to roam around the halls and try almost all of the park's rides. It's so worth it, I'm telling you! (That was what we actually did at Disneyland Paris!)
  4. Dream winter fashion clothes. Hey! Don't judge. As mentioned earlier, there's no winter season in the Philippines. And for that, we do not have any reason for having warm clothes and jackets and coats for snow. The only place we can use them is inside a snow world (like the one in Star City). And with this time of the year, we can cover up ourselves with fashionable winter clothing. I like that.
  5. It is hugging season. In the west, it is very common to give a hug. But, not in our culture. So when it is winter, there's an add-on/ extra reason to stay intimately close to your loved ones. Don't forget to kiss them three times on the cheek when you meet! (That's a Dutch custom.) And another three when you say goodbye. So, that makes six kisses!
  6. A lot of warm chocolate milk drink and tea. You can indulge yourself in a lot of cups of warm chocolate milk with whipped cream and just relax while watching your favorite series on Netflix while cuddling with your mate. That's such a sweet thing.
  7. You can go to bed early. It starts to get that as early as four in the afternoon. You will feel lazy so you will just go to bed.
And that's it! These are the reasons why I love winter in the Netherlands, and why I find that winter season is the best time to make a visit.

Make sure to prepare your coats and umbrellas with you. Winter can be a crazy season too!


  1. I'm so jelly!! I wanna go to Netherlands too! Lovely post! Stay amazing ⭐️

  2. Personally, I thought the beautiful wintry scene was convincing enough to visit the Netherlands, but you broke it down further so nicely! I'd love to pay a visit one day. :)

  3. wow. makes me want to include it on my bucket list haha


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