Efteling Theme Park, North Brabant, Netherlands

I am always a fan of theme parks. I guess, it is the child in me that will never fade. And I am blessed to have an awesome partner who will love the things I love! Going in a theme park doesn't mean you're a childish person. It just means that you enjoy what life has to offer.

This time, we went to a very peculiar theme park in The Netherlands. It is one of the most visited parks in Europe and as a Dutch, it is a place they are proud of! Since 1952, Efteling Theme Park has offered a variety of attractions and rides to western and eastern tourists. Though it only started as a water park, they managed to expand the property to a 72 ha (720,000 m2), resort hotel is not included.

As part of this post, here's the two parts of the vlogs that we posted. It is much easier to see it with your own eyes than to read my endless words. Enjoy watching! Thank you!

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