Baked Sushi: Following a Trend in The Philippines

I should stop lurking on my social medias. They've been the reason why I keep on making these trendy foods I saw online. But hey, there's not that much to do and I am kinda tired of the things I cook, so yes, why not explore?

So for today's food sharing, here is one of the hot (literally and figuratively) dish that made our chilly summer a little bit cozy.

My family in both sides love sushi. It is very easy to make, as you can see in my previous post here, We Always Love our Sushi Nights. But sometimes, rolling takes a lot of time. So this trend in my home country is one of the best alternative on enjoying sushi without losing that much time on preparation.

You might think that this will make no difference, but I tell you, it is so good that we finished the whole pan.

Unlike how you make the typical sushi, you need to lay your sushi rice as the foundation. Of course, you need to season it beforehand with white wine vinegar, sugar and salt. Here, I added this seasoning that I recently bought at an Asian grocery. I do not read Japanese but I believe that this is Furikake, (振り掛け / ふりかけ) a dried Japanese seasoning that you can sprinkle in all sorts of dish.

I also added some nice thin slices of carrots to add a nice vibrant orangey color. There should also be fresh slices of avocado to make it creamier.

We always eat fried eggs that's separate from the sushi, it is called Gyeran Mari in Korean, but this time, I placed it on top of the avocado to seal this creaminess together with the rice. I might sound nonsense here but trust me, it will work.

Here I have a mixture of high-quality mayonnaise, surimi or crab meat imitation (you can use real crab meat), smoked salmon and a dash of sesame oil. Spread it just all throughout and press it down so there will be no air sack in the dish (it makes a difference you know, hehe).

Of course, it will never be complete if I will not use cheese while living in the land of good cheese! Sprinkle some on top and put in a preheated oven of 200C for 15 minutes.

After waiting for like an eternity, it will look like a tempting cassava cake! You have the choice to make it cool first before digging in or eat it as is. Just be careful if you will have it right after you bake it. The rice will be so hot that it may cause burn.

You may now prepare the table, some good wrapping salad (like the one you use when you eat Korean BBQ), some small cuts of nori sheets (seaweed) and your favotire sushi sauce. We also love to have ginger slices and wasabi to complete the sushi feel.

I wasn't able to take a photo of how you eat it, but it is simple. Precut the sushi bake in small rectangular sizes and place a slice in a small nori sheet. Here's a photo I got from the internet to show you how it looks.


It was really good that I can eat it everyday!

Have you heard of this trend? Would you give it a try?


  1. Maybe i should give a try but im too lazy to make it by myself. Uwaaaa 😭

  2. omaigadd totally another level of sushi..great! should try this

  3. omg, the looks! it's sooo tempting!!! I want to try it!

  4. ugh want it so bad. ts never go wrong whenever u put a cheeeseeee

  5. This is something I've been meaning to try... but on a smaller scale, I guess. Can I make this in a loaf pan instead?

  6. Wow so yummy. i want to cook thanks for my son. thanks for your post

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