I'm the BOSS!

Hey people! :D How are you doing, huh? I wanna update this blog everyday so this blog will have a sense. :P

I actually don't wanna tell you guys what happened to me this morning, this afternoon, blah blah, for nothing happened. :P My week will start tomorrow. :D I'll attend a graduation ceremony in the morning and I'll rush to the office of Civil Service in the afternoon. It's not happening yet, but I can feel the pressure already. Haha!

And look who got a new domain/url here. Yey! It's my hun Susan! "Hey hun, you think I'll never find the link huh! Haha! If you're a clever girl, well I'm the cleverest of us all! Haha!"

Here! See this screen shot? There's the link. :P (Sorry hun, I just need to tell them how I discovered your link. :P)



Haha! The second pic is just a joke! :P



So, yeah! I now proclaim myself as genuis! Haha! Hun, I hope you'll never get mad at me. :D This is just fun. :D I love you. :DPX

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  1. OMGOMGOMG u bookmarked my blogpage XD XD XD XD XD XD XD
    omg im so happy im speechless now T_______T
    and lol clever hunny xD
    i now pronounced you the most genius of all 8DD


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