Quick Update

Image/s from SPV.

I wasn't able to update my blog last night cause my mom called and everyone's so excited. It's like, she's in Hongkong or somewhere else outside the country. Haha. Yes we know she's not. I wanna say thank you for the one who listened to my story last last night.

By the way, I'm craving for sushi, kimchi, lasagna, mcfries and hot fudge sundae. :( I hope by next week I would be able to taste all of these. I don't like foods, I love them. But if you'll ask me how about cooking, I'm sorry but I'd rather answer the next question. Haha. I just love taste foods, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, and eat alot. :D

Because Mom's not in the house, I was forced to create dishes for my family. I don't have any photos. :( My mom brought the camera. :(

And another update, I only have 2 hours of internet in 1 week! GOSH! How will I survive!!!!


  1. Wow. I wish I could cook as well. :) Anyway, I know you could survive on that 2 hours per week habit. :)

    Don't worry. You'll find something worthwhile while you're away from the internet. :D

  2. You know what i am craving for right now? Kimchi and Mcdo Monster Float. o.o

    I was able to live through two weeks with no internet. You'll be able to do so as well.



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