Not used to.

Just got home from SM. I have to go their because I need a passport size photo of me for my Civil Service Examination on May 22. I am with Tita Ethel and her family. I have blogged about her before when we went in Bicol. Her son was from Germany, and he visited Philippines for 3 weeks. I didn't expect I'll join their dinner. We ate at Flavours of China. Ok, so, I'm not use of it, their son's in front of me, and I can't even move. It's my first time to eat with him. Lels!

I ordered this beef something. Ok. I don't know how they call this thing.

 By the way, their siomai is nice. Just like other siomai I bought on street sides, the difference is that, Flavour's are so expensive. I'll never try to eat here alone. Haha!

I know, you know this stuff. XP

Images from: Southbound

Flavours of China
SM City Batangas
Pallocan West Batangas City


  1. WOW. They look yummy! Those pictures sure made me feel hungry right now. :(

  2. oh! i didn't know you have a blogger acct too. i thought you only have tumblr. XP


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