This was just nonsense. Haha. It's my bestfriend's evil plan/ I can't say no. I was blocked mailed. LOL. So here's 4 photos of me. I have a lot, but I decided not to post too much.

Topshop Dress (Black and White Stripe Long blouse), 3inches Black Parisian Booties
Topshop Dress (Blue Swirl Cocktail Dress), 3inches Black Rusty Lopez Heels
Topshop Dress (Black and White Floral Dress), 3inches Black Parisian Booties, Calvin Klein Smooth Duffle Bag

Lalala! And now, I don't know what to post next. :P I know I'm not pretty, so please enough telling me. :P And oh, I wanna be sexy. :(

ps. I want this!


  1. hmm... the domo clothing doesn't look like a real one. but it'd be cool if someone sews somehting like that! ;3

  2. Love the Domo-kun. Looks so cool but I would wear that just for fun. For real, I love the TopShop Dress.

  3. Cute outfits! :)

    The domo outfit looks a bit awkward though. XD


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