Excited for what's New!

What's new?
I just have here some of my doodles I've made recently. I don't listen to my professor and I mean it. I've been doodling the whole time and I prefer to study alone than to listen to my teacher.

This two are for my bestfriend. We've been friends for more than 10 years, and our 11th anniversary would be on August 24. Additional year for us! Yehey! I don't know what to give her yet. Any suggestions?
Plans? I'm planning to give her a personalized shirt created or designed by me, a Korean notebook which I purchased last month at the mall, it's quite cheap though, I hope she'll appreciate it. I hope I hope I hope.

This one is for my classmate Glady. She's my seatmate in most of my subjects. She requested for it. I hope she'll like this. :)

Another one here is for our college or department. I just want a free shirt and a certificate courtesy of the CTHM (College of Tourism and Hospitality Management) and ATHM students. What do you think? Will I submit this?

For my Tumblr Mare, Louise.

And this one is...wala lang :P

Btw, I'm working on 2 doodles right now. :) It's for My 2 blogger buddies. :)

And my uniform isn't available yet. I'm so excited to wear it. I'll buy an acne shoes online soon. Which is which?

Please help me pick.


  1. for god's sake hun, where did you got those talents??
    your doodles are sooo awesome and pretty!!! >:O
    i want one >:I

  2. waahh! you're so good!
    you could even put that in tshirt!! XD Amazing! :D

    i like the leather one :)

  3. :OO your doodles are awesome lymx :DD how come I never knew =__=" so pro! what kind of pen do you use? or do you use a kinda of black marker?

    Ooo the leather shoes look nice :D

  4. I like the first one better. Because the leather won't look good anymore if it gets wet or if it is overused. :)

    <3 Grysh

  5. I really envy your talent for your doodles! <3 Keep it up! As for the shoes, I like the first pair over the second one :)

  6. just happened to come across your site. can i just say, i am terribly jealous of your doodle skills. hahaha seriously

  7. asan na yung doodle ko? hahaha, naniningil na ko kahit d ko pa nagagawa yung doodle para sayo, haha


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