It's Been a While

Oh, I've been busy again and again. I;m busy the whole time. I'm busy busy busy.

Hey! I'm done with Susan's Doodle. It depends on her if she'll find it. I'm clever! Hurray. Just like what I've done with my letter for her before.

College life isn't easy. Yeah, I experienced this before, a year ago, and now, back with all of this. Haha. So this Wednesday, we'll have an event inside the campus. It's a required project in my subject Catering. It's all about Kpop. My classmate requested to make Kpop as our theme. So here's the banner and tarpau I made last night.

Do they look okay?

I love working on the floor. Haha. I'll post some update after the event :)


  1. The posters are really nice! :) And yeah college life is pretty tough so what's important is you do your best in everything and i'm sure all your hard work will pay off :)

    Anyway I just wanted to ask, are you gonna buy from my shop? Limited stocks lang kasi meron nung paper watch plus I have domo stuff in my shop, too! :)

  2. these are really great doodles. i wish i can make some too. i think im going to buy myself a black pentel pen and a drawing pad.


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