Toodles Doodles

Nothing much about school for tonight since everything's in perspective.

I just wanna show you something. Here's my penmanship which really sucks. I'm writing about what we discussed in the previous lesson in "Rizal's Life and Works and Writings".

In Accounting (subject), I don't feel like listening to my professor. He's talking about the T account for Hotels' records. That's why I made this doodle in my book. Hehe.

Btw, I have here some of the doodles I made for my friends.

First was for Amy ( She's one of my closest friend in highschool. We do talk alot, even she's in Manila for her studies (college).

Second was for Enah ( She's my Tumblr Mom. She's good in drawing. I really adore her.

Last was for Kevin ( He's just one of my friends in tumblr. Actually, I wanna be his Tumblr sister, yet I don't have the chance in asking him if he would like to be my sibling.

I'm working on our shirt logo, and for my bestfriend's doodle. Sorry guys if my drawing skill sucks. I'll try to improve my work next time. Please bear with me. :) And yeah, I need to focus with my Catering subject though. Even I have no classes in Monday and Friday, I need to attend our meetings in that days cause we have a lot of things and stuffs to organize. Phew. And that's exhausting.


  1. Whoa! That's a pretty neat handwriting! And talk about awesome doodles! Waaaaaah! Really awesome! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    Accounting, huh? I'm taking that course... @_@ Driving me crazy. HAHA! ♫♫♫

    You've got great doodles! Would you mind making me one? =D

  2. SUCKS?! it doesn't look like it XD It's really neat and cute :) and your doodles are awesome! *iwantXD* I hate accounting too. Buti ka pa nagdoo-doodle pa pag-accounting, ako nga pasimpleng tulog XD Wakekeke! XD

  3. I like your doodles. I bet that takes so much effort right? I used to doodle but it's a little different from yours. It's fun yet really tiring. My hand aches after doing crazy doodles before. BTW, I also have Tumblr accounts. :)

    Mind if you'll visit my Tumblogs? :D

    Have a great day! :)


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