Hey! Thanks for dropping @ my blog. I woke up and got up late this morning. Haha. But it doesn't matter anyway. We don't have classes, we just had a meeting about the event on Wednesday. Haha. Right timing!

Btw, I just wanna share something about what happened last night. Susan (Indonesian) and I had finally talked after a couple of years. We're both busy with so many things I guess. She's in her vacation (?), am I wrong? Good thing for her. Oh, here's the pic of our Vcall. Actually, this was stolen, but yes, she's still pretty here.

Hey! That's me in black. I look awkward, everytime. I know.

I did enjoyed talking to her about a lot of things. Yes, I shared some secrets and stuffs. Actually, I really don't wanna stop our conversation, I wanna talk to her bout so many things, but time wouldn't allow us. She told me that her mom's nagging. Hahaha. Shhh.

So yeah. 'tis just a short update. :P


  1. I LOVE YOU, and you should know that :'D

    ooohhh i really hope someday we'll get online together and vcall again, i miss you already >A<

    you have a phone number? lemme try to text you :O

  2. seems like you guys enjoyed your videocall.. Its been 2 months since I last did it with a friend.. T.T lets do video call too one time

  3. hey! can't find your tagboard :( Lol. i didn't know you were close friends with susan! :) :D


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