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Posted on July 20, 2012, 10:36pm

Examination was over. I finally had time with my lovely blog. Chos! Results are overwhelming. I got a perfect score in Humanities. :) "throws confetti". What am I doing lately? None. Just some stuffs I considered as LOVE. :) 3 down. Two more left to go. Then here are my works. I'm not with doodle monsters anymore since Tatay dislike such designs. Oh well, he just want us to look decent in any way. So here's some of my recent works.

For my classmate.

For one of my blogger friends.

For Dale, another blogger friend.

Then this morning, me and my group-mates in Feasibility Study headed our way to San Jose, had our meeting about our plans, decided to have travel agency as our business, then finally found out that we're done with Chapter 3. OMG!

Just like the other girls out there, I love taking pictures of myself. Sorry if I looked pale. I didn't used any make ups, just powder. Yey! I apologize for the photo spam.

By the way, do I look like my age? I'm 21 next month!

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