Parisian Black Matte Wedge

Posted on July 26, 2012, 10:35pm

Last week, my sister nagged about the wedges she wanted for her school uniform. She told me she want the one in Primadona or Mendrez which cost Php1,500 in both stores.

Mom can't decide if she'll give my sissy that large amount just for a pair of shoes, she can spend some more if she'll go for a cheaper one.

Then last Wednesday, I saw one of my classmate wearing the same shoes in our class. I approached her and asked about where she purchased the shoes, she told me it's from SM Department Store in Lipa. The very next next day, we had our way to Lipa, just to have that dream wedge of my sister.

Good thing they have largest size of the shoes, then took it home with us.

My sister had this for only Php999

PS. This is my 201th post in this blog. :)


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