My ZALORA Experience

Posted on July 21, 2012, 5:25pm

Mom decided to purchase some stuffs online cause online shopping is very easy and more convenient that going to the malls, as stated in my previous posts here - Since we have read a lot of good reactions about Zalora, she had her very first order placed in cart then followed any directions they gave. In just 2 days, Mom complied with Zalora's instructions.

The item arrived after 4 days, that was fast.

We love the packaging cause our order is in a box, secured. But when we opened it, what we saw is such a disappointment.

This is the photo of the item in their website. A SB POLO Contemporary Line Belt

Product Deacription: SB POLO Contemporary Line Belts by Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club. The Strap is made from Genuine cowhide leather 4 cm. The Buckle is Press type and has Laser engraved Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club logo. Easy-to-open-mechanism to adjust strap length.

Then, this is what we received. Mom is not satisfied with buckle because the prong isn't moving.

We contacted Zalora right after we opened the package. They replied after one day and suggested to return the item via LBC for free. They apologized for what had happened and promised to fix it right away. But Mom hesitated to return the item cause it'll be a waste of time. I still don't know what was Mom's final decision. I will update this once Mom have finalized what's she's going to do.

But this time, I felt bad about the transaction we had with them. I hope, things will be in perspective in the next days.


  1. iba pa rin ang bumibili talaga na nakikita ang item kasi puwede makita kung may depekto talaga......isauli na lang at papalitan ng iba na walang depekto..

  2. yes kuya. pero mom has finalized her descision, she'll never return the item. gagawan na lang daw ng paraan.


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