ABP: Gloomy Week and Too Personal

Post Mood: Depressed (YBW!)


Bokeh here, bokeh there, bokeh everywhere. :( This wasn't an appropriate introduction though but I really can't help myself but rant about my Mom's camera, my precious instrument for this cyber space of mine, you know. :(

Included in my previous post, this Samsung L100 loses control and not functioning quite well. Just like our old Casio Exilim EX-S10, its lenses crashed and all it gave us were bright stripe photos. Too much exposure for the first cam plus out of focus for the second one is equals to... sucked big time and made me totally insane! :(

Good thing before the camera totally screwed up, I'd be able to document the project I am with. Done with my second batch of French Macarons (see my first batch here), and still, unsatisfied. And with such dismay, I consumed everything grievously. I just wish Eugenie will come to rescue me and help me get this cute little babies right. Might caused her recipes some sort of humiliation cause I absolutely did chronological mistakes.

Unlike my previous macarons, this batch don't have feet, nothing at all. How can I blame the oven if it didn't get the temperature correctly? This is definitely what I expected for. Two trials and still a failure. I guess I need to stop making this fragile biscuits and stick to my cupcakes and like recipes. -_-  That crumby something on the bases, you won, I gave up! I'll definitely not push anything for this again, like ever! Huhu.

Apparently, I still need to wait for another oh-so-apathetic week before we head to Bulacan. If only I can travel alone and leave my full of procrastination life for a while, I did. Sister insisted me to wait cause she'll finish her classes till Friday, so what can I do? It's more important than any other picky pleasures I want.

Ecstatic part: Tomorrow's gonna be a big day for Tatay and Mameh. What's on my list? (it's more economical to cook than eat outside, I actually don't mind the pressure, it's their 26th Wedding Anniversary!)

  • pizza: gonna make 2 big pan pizzas in the morning, then heat them up for dinner
  • cordon bleu: 3 chicken breasts will complete the dish, hoping I'd be able to post a tutorial too
  • tuna spaghetti in white sauce: love this cause so easy to make, requires only 3 main ingredients, wow!
  • lychee jellies: flavored jellos and a can of lychee in syrup will do
  • ice cream: can't wait to try Magnolia's Best of the Philippines themed ice cream!
  • cake: no I'll not bake, my friend handed me 2h Red Ribbon gift checks before

That's it for tonight, I assume. Despite of everything, I still pray for a great week ahead, for you, for me and for everyone. Adios!


  1. Aww... it really sucks big time to almost lose something important to you~ I kinda suffer when I lost my first ever digicam. LOL! XD

    PS: I nominated you for Leibster blog award :D Check it out :D

  2. I love your recipes! More about it please! :)

    1. I'll find ways for that Ate Michy, thanks for dropping! ^^,

  3. I had the same problem with a canon digicam once. Stripes everywhere! It was sooo frustrating. I came to realize that compact cameras have limited time span.

    No wonder macarons are so expensive. They're hard to make. :( But you're still gifted with great cooking skills. I envy you for being able to cook something for your parents.


    1. aw. thanks ate ile :D so now I'm planning to save for Samsung Smart CAm. what do you think? :/

  4. Magnolia's Best of the Philippines: (Batangas) Coffee Crumble is really really good! And I'm not just saying that out of bias because I am from Batangas and love coffee either. ;)

  5. You have a very nice blog! And congrats to the anniversary of them haha. Also those macarons don't even look that bad, I would try a bite if I were you ;)

    ♥ Maho

  6. hello~ thanks for the comment ^_^
    anyway, you did french macaroons! woooow~ though it was a failure but still wow haha XD feeling ko kasi isa yan sa mahirap talagang gawin.
    what flour did you use? :))

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  8. YUM! these look delicious! I wish i can bake or even cook. But alas, I am not a very domestic woman! shall i ever get married?

    lots of lovin'


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