Dela Rosa Beach Resort at Lemery, Batangas

I had my very first summer outing at the beach last week at Lemery Batangas. And I'm glad to show you some of the photos I've got from the resort called Dela Rosa. Please don't expect a snap of me wearing my favorite summery blue two-piece cause I'm pretty sure you'll never like what you're gonna see. LOL!

So here's the pool.

And then the beach.

Mom and Me without any make up.

Apologizing too if I can't tell you some of the stories behind these photos, I'm just not in the mood today. Adios!

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  1. Glad you had a great time. :) Oww, you have a new layout too! Nice! Hmm, can you just remove the S in foods? :P

  2. Once palang ako nakadaan ng Lemery, at Fiesta pa non. So nanghaharang talaga sila kahit di nila kakilala at papakainin ka. Ayun lang ang experience ko sa Lemery. Hahaha!

  3. Naririnig ko na before na maganda sa Lemery. :-) Looks like you had fun. Ang ganda nung view and beach.

    1. thanks for visiting back! :D well I guess yung news na narinig mo was about so many years ago, I don't consider Lemery na maganda kasi eh, Laiya is more appealing, napabayaan na kasi ngayoln ang Lemery -_-

  4. Wala pa ako naka punta sa Batangas pero I heard that batangas has nice beach resort too. and based on your picture. the place really looks nice! :D


  5. hi

    can you give me details regarding this resort? malinis naman ung water and yung sand? what about the rooms?

    Thank you! please let me know sa

  6. I like the first photo :) where is this located? Is this near CML ... Good resort, good for Lemery resorts with swimming pools

  7. Good to see batangas resort in this blog.. Im searching for more.. i like comparing them with the resorts in link Batangas beach Resorts

  8. Hi you have their contact #'s???i've lost the flyer last nyt.need ko lang po cla macontact..for reservation.thank you so much po....

  9. His sis..merun po b kayo contact no.nla??need a venue dis satrday...ive lost the flyer last nyt

  10. Thanks a lot for dropping guys! I'm really sorry to tell you thta I do not have any contact details of the said beach resort. I apologize for I cannot provide any help. :(


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