French Macarons; First Trial

Since I'm engaged with baking this summer, which I think, too bad cause it's extremely hot like inside a preheated oven, I've tried several pastries and treats like red velvet cake (which turned out pink) and pine-carrot cake. So to challenge myself a little, quelle my fears and beyond what I used to, I tried making my own French Macarons. There were so many recipes and tips on how to make the most perfect cookie of a lifetime but I stuck to Eugenie's recipe. Why? I found her cute (yes, Eugenie, LOL), cause she's a Korean living in France (if you wanna know other details of her journey, better visit her blog ^_^) Some uses aged eggs, but I used fresh eggs from chicken's cage, kidding!

Here's a photo collage from setting to baking and presentation. Bear with the blurry and not-so-focused macaron images, I just used my Dad's phone to snap some of my hardwork. True, it is a bit scary how to handle things like this (especially that finicky “macaronage” which is the process of incorporating the dry ingredients with the egg whites to make macarons, people fail here mostly), but you really need to fail at first, so you can trig your next action (assuming I've succeeded in this, haha!).

They're all in bright blue color cause I added too much color gel, but lesson learned. Hihi. As you can see, some of the macarons I've made has teeny tiny feet, and some has nothing at all. (at least they're not flat) And that's my  biggest problem.

So done reading some troubleshoots and the like, I guess I need to move forward. I just hope my friend visiting Macau can hand me some almond flour cause it's really hard to find it here. BTW, I prefer not to mention but I'm itching to tell you guys that I bought a pack of almond nuts and grind them at home. That costs Php50 per 45 grams, about 15-20 pieces of nuts. Tsss.

That's it for tonight guys. Expect my updates for my next batches!

PS. Mom's back from LINK seminar! Yehey! And the cam's back too! ^^,


  1. Ang cute ng blue macarons hehe :)) next time mape-perfect mo na yan! Ajah!

  2. ayan nagccrave na naman ako sa ganitong oras. hahaha isipin mo yuuuun XD. looks sooo yummy! ang cute! tama si fiel mapeperfect mo din yan ;)

  3. They look super cute! I wish I could bake :( I hope that there will be more ingredients available here in the Phlippines para hindi ka mahirapan sa pag hanap, sana mura rin :D

  4. OM GEEE! Macarons are always on my list <3

    Anyways, You're part of my Versatile Bloggers list! :) Check it out on my blog! :) ♥

  5. Fav color ko kaya kakainin ko pa rin yan! Haha.

    Next time multicolored naman. :)

  6. Ahahaha! i just visited a blog who just made themselves a macaron too! XD
    This is quite popular eh? :D Anyways, I love the color of your macarons! :D Heehee~

  7. ang cute... sa totoo lang pangarap kong matutong magbake kaso mukhang mahal ang mga workshops.. kaya hanggang tikim nalang ako LOL

  8. Eeeee, what a coincidence that we both decided to bake macarons around the same time!

    Yours came out so lovely! Much better than mine. Thanks for the tip about the mixing, I shall mix until it just combines and I guess it'll be more viscous :) Will try Eugenie's (such a cute name!) recipe to perfect my skill and technique too.

    Many Thanks Myx ^^

  9. Those are lovely blue green colored macaroons. How was the taste? I would love to make macaroons too but maybe when I can afford an oven :D


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