Laguna Hot Spring Resort - Pansol Laguna

The place was totally packed. Before we left, I was able to snap the actual scene of how a crowded environment look for a resort like this in a very humid weather. It's a hot spring, like stated in the title.

LHSR was Mom's favorite resort within Laguna. Why? Hot water flows continuously from a rocky corner  and it's one of the cheapest (Php70-Php90/head) spring in Laguna too.

Ever heard of fish foot spa in Tagaytay? I've heard that too! Tahaha! Well here in Laguna Hot spring, they have fishes too, right on their pool, so you can swim, interact (if you want) and let them bit you from your toes to your head. Doctor fishes eat dead skin off your body, they do look the same with Tilapia but have longer lateral line.

Tables on our both sides.

It's already eight in the evening when we left the resort, but there were still a lot of people coming.

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