Tiramisu Cups Recipe and Tutorial

School is here again! Time flies so fast. So for every students out there, please study hard and make your parents proud! AJA! :)

And now, as promised, here's a mouth watering dessert recipe for you guys!


Yeild: 3 medium tiramisu cups

You'll need:

  • 2 eggs (egg yolks and egg whites separated)
  • 1/4 cup icing sugar
  • 1 pack of room temperature mascarpone (I used cream cheese, they're different stuffs, mascarpone is creamier and sweeter, just perfect, if you can find mascarpone, don't skip on this.)
  • instant coffee, drinking chocolate powder
  • lady finger biscuits or any other biscuits you prefer

1. In a bowl, beat in egg white until soft peak. I've tried beating it with a wire whisk, and it took me too much time until I reached this peak, so I highly suggest to do it with a hand or stand mixer.

2. In a separated bowl, beat in egg yolks and icing sugar until light and pale in color.

Add in the mascarpone, if you have, (got cream cheese here) and mix until incorporated.

3. Add beaten egg white on the yolk mixture and fold until well blended. You wanna add half of the white to the yolk and fold then add the rest then fold again.

4. Dilute instant coffee mix in warm water and soak biscuits until soft in the outside and still dry and crunchy in the inside.

5. In a medium glass/transparent cup, place a spoonful of egg mixture, top with biscuits, a spoonful of egg mixture again (you can add chocolate powder or instant coffee after egg mixture, sorry I forgot to snap a photo of that), just continue the process of layering until you almost reach the glass rim, then finish with grated chocolate. Place into the fridge for a few hours to set.

And viola! You have your homemade tiramisu in cups!

If you're allergic to egg, I guess you need an eggless tiramisu, I'll work on that some other time. :)


  1. i want to make this o.o tiramisu is my fave cake world! i didnt know it wasnt hard to make pala. thanks for sharing this! - shayne

  2. Ever thought of opening a pastry business or something? This particular recipe of yours could just as easily be packaged as "Tiramisu in a jar" and sold retail or wholesale (like for events). Wouldn't that be fab? ;)

  3. Great recipe! i'll try this next. :) I think I can manage it. I did your chicken cordon blue recipe too. I had trouble wrapping the chicken around the ham and cheese though. And some of the cheese oozed out while I was frying them. But surprisingly, my family loved it! :)

    1. hehe, same thing happened to me on my first time Ate Ile :) you'll be good at it soon, just need more cordon bleus! :D

      if you're gonna make this, please use lady finger or broas, and mascarpone too, haven't seen that but I guess it takes a lot better than cream cheese. -_-

  4. if you're gonna make this, please use lady finger or broas, and mascarpone too, haven't seen that but I guess it takes a lot better than cream cheese. -_-

  5. Looks yummy! Wanna try it too. Didn't know it was this easy to make :)

  6. Just wanted to say thank you for entering my giveaway! Checked out your blog and was excited to find all these delicious looking recipes :D I love tiramisu haha the recipe looks so simple and quick, I might try this out someday :)

  7. Thanks for the recipe....I will surely do this one of these weekend when this working Mom is on leave...why dont you consider opening a pastry business I know that you will fare well in there

    its me,
    Cielo of Brown Pinay


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