TGIF: Doodle Arts

Mom always reminds about employment. Well, can't blame, I'm two months unemployed after our graduation. Some of colleagues had their interviews for local/abroad jobs while I'm still having an unfavorable siesta here in my closet. Hihi.

By the way, aside from baking and cooking and blogging recipes and DIYs, what defile so much of my time is drawing weird stuffs or simple doodle-ing.

And to show you some of the recent among the recent were these two arts for a blogger friend and a facebook friend (literally, just a facebook friend, we're not connected by any means).

What can you say? Compliments and criticisms are always welcome.

+ Sad to say I didn't won the Filed May Doodles (sorry I forgot the contest title), yet it's alright. :) There's always a next time, and next month's entry's going to be big, like boom! ^_^

Was this a good movie to watch? :)

Enjoy your weekend guys!


  1. OMG! Thank you so much! It's really cute! I couldn't be more happy with this! :D

  2. Ako rin! asan na yung doodle mo para saken? hahaha

  3. Waah ang cute naman ng mga doodles mo Le'Myx :) pwede mag request? hahaha :D

    Mejo kinakalawang na ang drawing skills ko... praktis praktis din pag may time!

  4. You are surely one talented can make a living of your talents and interest while waiting for a regular employment

    its me,
    Cielo of Brown Pinay

  5. You are extremely talented. I keep staring at all of your drawings because I keep seeing so much in them. @__@ Please, rub some on me. :P

  6. Adorable doodles!! They remind me of Bobsmade doodles :) You could always sell your art for some quick cash to keep you going!

    I haven't seen that movie so I wouldn't know ^^;;


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