Red Velvet Cakes For Papelito's Second Anniversary!

Hi guys! Please help me again for the third time. Hihi. Sorry for bragging you guys everytime I join giveaways, I somehow feel guilty but I really need you guys. How am I suppose to live without you?

I made this lovely cupcakes for Papelito's Anniversary, and all you need to do is like the photo here. Or you can click on the photos to redirect. If I'll win here, I'll share the prizes with you guys, so please don't compete with me, okay? Just kidding! :P

Thanks everyone! Have a great week!

PS. My first job interview tomorrow, so AJA Myx! <3


  1. Done! Good luck with both your entry and your interview! :)

    I added you up on FB btw, hope you don't mind. ^_^;

  2. Aja on the interview! Liked the picture too. :) Will you make a recipe for this one?

  3. It's the time of the great Jubilee!!!!

    Ayan done, +1 like. Sana diba ma experience ko din yang mga yummy cupcakes mo Jubilee (aka Divine hehe) paki LBC na lng din hahaha /joke!

  4. looking very nice cupcakes. goodluck on your interview! Ü

  5. really, you baked this. amazing those cupcakes looks so delicious, i want to taste it :-).

    anyway, i like it already and goodluck to the contest you join. hope you win and also goodluck to your job interview.

    Daily Rants Of Mine

  6. red velvet kk~ gimmmmeeee ^__^
    anyway, good luck~ :> ang sipag mo sumali sa mga online contest kk`~ ^_^
    how i love to join too kaso i don't have luck with such contest hih ~ :>
    hwaiting! sana manalo ka :>

    good luck on your interview :)


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