Hanbok; A Taste of Korea in Laguna

This somehow reminds me of our first catering last 2011. Why? It has the same name as our project "Taste of Korea"! Okay, I miss wearing my over-sized laboratory gown which I seldom wear even before.

By the way, this small food stall was named after Korea's traditional dress/costume. Bff and I tried to ask the ladies working inside but they don't have any idea why. A traditional dress' name for a restaurant? (Why not!?) Hmmm. So, I guess we just have to leave it that way.

Hanbok is located along Lopez Avenue near UP Los Baños. It is just a small food place overdecorated with Korean posters but it has more than what you think it has. They cater not only special Korean dishes like Korean BBQ, Bulgogi, Umorice, Bibimbop, but also Korea's famous instant noodles and Nori sheets arranged in a shelf shown in the photo below.

They do have ice creams, candies and cookies too! (I should've snap them, I haven't got any chance.-_-) I guess it's affordable here than any other Asia's groceries.

Before we depart, I was able to have 4 pockets of nori sheets (Php10/pack)! Yey!

My family's been an avid sucker of Korean dishes. Have I told you that Mom and Kuya purchased Korean grill pan/plate, stainless bowls and chopsticks and a tong? (You can see some of that bowl on my recipe posts.)

Grill pan looks like this one, but ours' darker. ^_^

Image from: www.trifood.com

Bibimbop is one of my faves (As always!) so I gave it a go! Plus a glass of iced tea (Php20)

Korean Mixed Rice or Bibimbop (Php89)

There's no other ritual in eating this dish, just pray, mix and indulge. Don't forget to burp! :)

That was a pretty satisfying dinner for me and my besty, I just don't like their black bamboo chopsticks which look like covered and filled with mold. -_- But you can request for disposable one.

Thanks for reading my entire post! What made me busy this past days? Check out my alter ego's blog here! ^_^

Have a great week everyone!


  1. I've always wanted to visit one of these hole-in-the-wall types of restaurants where you don't really care about the interior design of the place and just enjoy the food. tsk. we don't have that here unfortunately. those are really cheap nori sheets. i like nori. :)

    A Hint of Sunlight

  2. wow...i love korean... sa first date niyo ni Bulingit, sagot ko... dyan na lang kayo date ah...

    1. yun may sponsor! :D haha. how i wish he'll ask me for a date senyor, parang malabo :P

  3. hmm.. minsan mai try nga ang mga ganyang pagkain .. mukaha kasi silang masasarap :)


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