Updates and Doodles

Hola amigos/amigas! Sorry for being MIA (with guilt). I've been hooked to this micro blogging called Twitter and that made me lose some focus on baking/cooking. Talking to awesome guys I've met there just drove my heart out of myself, then got stuck on twitter for a couple of days now.

AHA! Found another reason why I got myself so busy! :D Mom lost my ATM card and I had to visit the bank to replace my card with a new one, which took me a whole day to accomplish. Had this certificate autographed by a lawyer and paid Php100 for his signature. I can't grumble and ask why his signature's so expensive though. Yet I don't understand why. -_-

And...I wanna greet my cyber friend's blog a HAPPY 4TH BLOGVERSARY! (Visit Fiel's blog here.)

Thank you for this lovely award dear Fiel!

In exchange to this, here's a humble doodle art I made just for you!

Another one for my long lost blogger friend Kuya Jhiegzh! ;D

Hoping you'll like these guys :)

And...please do visit my new baby here:

Thats all for tonight folks! :D


  1. Yey, ayan na!!! hihihihi XD

    Maraming salamat din sa isang napakagandang obra/doodles for me and pareng Jhieghz! Yeyeyeyey!

    *jumps up and down*

    teka... baket parang mas maganda yung design ng kay Jhieghz? wahahaha dyuk!!!

  2. Speechless. Thank you Myx... You're really one of a kind!

  3. Nice blog! Would you like follow each other?

  4. Ang galing! I used to draw a bit when I was younger, but somehow kinda lost as my attention shifted to digital media.

  5. cool doodle! I've been wanting to be active in twitter too.. but I honestly don't know how. hahaha

  6. Awesome doodles!!! I wish I could draw like that too. :(


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