2014 Starbucks Planner; Unboxing

Hi there folks! I am back again with another post! This one's so late so I do apologize.

I got my 2014 Starbucks planner last week, not bad for a non-coffeeholic drinker like me. ^_^ You can read my 2013 Starbucks planner post here.

Anyways, to get started, here's a preview of the 2013 Starbucks planner Philippine edition. See how simple the box of 2014 planner looks now?

Mine was in yellow but SB planner comes in 4 (four) different colors; yellow, black, magenta and brown.

Last year's plain magnet lock is now a WOW! Don't you just love its vintage-ish look?

Tantananan! Here's a sneak peak of what's inside.

Here's what I love the most! Two pages of isometric graphs perfect for doodles! Yehey!

And stickers and of course, coupons too! ;D

Together with the planner comes an icon bookmark, depending on your planner's color. Coffee bean for yellow, coffee house for brown, sail boat for Magenta and Starbucks cup for Black. And yes, mine is a coffee bean!

So what can you say about Starbucks' new planner design guys?

Opss, before I forget, got mine from a blogger's giveaway together with a pen and a keychain! Thanks to Ms. Didi of http://candishhh.blogspot.com! :D

PS. I don't talk too much now, I prefer being silent. :P


  1. I have the magenta version and I love it too, but I'm not crazy about the vinta bookmark since it keeps catching on cords and corners. :/

  2. congrats on winning this! :) i got the black one from my dad, im surrounded by coffee lovers kase and they dont really use planners ^^


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