UPDATE: I am still alive!

Hi there guys! Thank you for dropping at my blog and I want to tell you guys that I really miss writing and posting articles here, which I can't do because of my very busy schedule.

No, I never forget everyone, I am thankful that I have readers like you and I will never stop blogging until the last second of my breath. Aw, very touching.

Anyhow, next time, I am planning to post everything about my job.

SO that's it for tonight guys! Stay safe and have a great weekend!


  1. take ür sweet time^^ Congrats on ur job and everything stay safe too!

  2. great to know that you are busy enjoying your job. hshaha

  3. Glad to know that!! Haha. Looking forward for your posts :)

    Happy holidays!
    REAlity Bites


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