Bose QuietComfort 35 II; Long Flight Essential

I know a lot of people hate long-haul flights. It was never easy, always a hassle, and you're losing days in your life without knowing. Most especially if you're flying alone, that's never fun! I always fly with my husband and I cannot imagine myself having a solo flight. But due to circumstances, I need to fly all by myself. What helped me then, to feel more comfortable and at ease?

Three years ago, my husband bought these Bose headphones and I did not have any clue that it'll save me from one of my not-so-good flights. (Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post.)

Being known for good quality sounds, it also has this noise cancellation feature that makes it one of my flight essentials. The comfort it gives with the soft cushions deserves a thumbs up. They do give away small earbuds in the plane but that's just not my preference. It feels like it never fits my ear lobe and it might fall or get in through my ears.

Bose QuietComfort 35's battery life is just amazing that it can last for a day. In my almost 19-hours flight, it just made me comfortable all throughout. Again, this set is already three years old (and never had to change the batteries). I did not even have problems when being asked by the attendants. I can clearly hear them even I got my music on. It only eliminates the noise of the plane, which for me is very irritating.

And with a flight headphone adapter at hand, I can enjoy the in-flight entertainment with my own set of headphones. With its compact carrying case, it definitely travels friendly.

The only problem my husband had with it was the cushion. He needed to buy a pair and change them every year. I love the cushions, they're very soft (compared to the Sony WH-H900N Wireless Noise-Canceling Headphones). I hope they'll make better cushion covers so we need not spend more for it. But all in all, it's really worth every penny. I also use it every time I'm cleaning the house. Good stuff!


  1. Same goes for me with the earplugs that was given by airlines.
    It never went in all the way through and I can still hear outside noise so it was not really helping.
    That was why I need at least 3 earphones with me whenever I travel. Just in case I need it.
    2 wireless and 1 wired earphones for my 2nd gen iPod and iPhone 4s (which I still use because it has my late mom's and my old playlist). I can't imagine myself travel solo too but I know I have to do it at some point and once I do, I know I am prepared.

    Next on my list is the new iPad Pro. It should be fun to bring around your favourite movies, games and other entertainment hehehe but first I need to sell my kidney for that hahahaha


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