What's For Dinner? Worry Less With Verspakket

I love eating! Well, that's what we always do to continue living right? But there's this thing that everyone hates doing. That is, thinking of what to cook for the next meal.

Most people have busy lives that they cannot have time to plan for their meals for the week. I admit I do not have any idea about it before. Applause to our moms who do not stop thinking and working in the kitchen for the family. They just snap a finger and viola, there's food in the table.

This is one thing I love here in the west. They've made it easier for the consumers to pick which meal they will have for the night. They have meal packages available at grocery stores like Jumbo, Albert Hein, Coop, Plus, Deen (even online like hellofresh.nl). What an ease! You just need to go shopping for grocery and you can even plan while being at the store picking for the package you want to cook. It may be Italian, Moroccan, Spanish, Dutch, Hungarian and whole lot more.

Plus, the package contains fresh ingredients. Just look how shiny and perfect looking these vegetables are!

Most of the packages contain mostly all the ingredients you need. Though sometimes, when it calls for chicken meat, or ground pork for example, you need to purchase them separately.

There's also no need to adjust any seasoning, except for the salt and pepper, if you like.

The package also includes a step-by-step guide on how to cook the pack you've just purchased. Though it was in Dutch, my husband assured me that the procedure was written in a very simple manner.

And there you have it, in a few minutes of chopping, boiling, mixing, you're done! Your meal for the night is ready.

Aside from the availability of all the ingredients (except oil, raw meat, etc), the package also costs few euros. Let's take this Goulash soup for example. You just need to add olive oil and a liter of water. It costs €3.39 (US$3.71/Php188) for six servings. Imagine, you can have a meal for only Php33!

Convinient, affordable and assorted. I think it's really a win-win.

Have you ever tried a fresh package? (Or food subscription boxes in US&Canada)
What do you like/hate about them?

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