Homemade Bubble Milk Tea | Easy Tapioca Balls

There are so many things in life that I would love to try. Of course, we want to start with the little things, easy to do, affordable. So just like when I first tried the trending coffee (Dalgona), which I posted a few weeks ago, I also tried making my own homemade bubble milk tea.

It was about some weeks ago when we finally had the tapioca starch at hand. I first looked online where can I buy and finally, there's this organic, natural, and health store near our area that sells one. They only have a pack left in their stash. Anyways, we got it for about €3 per 400 grams.

To make the dough, you just need to mix water and half of the starch in a casserole. Then you set it in medium heat until it becomes thick. You need to watch it very carefully because you just want to have a thick and gooey consistency, not a lumpy one. After that, you can turn off the fire and add the remaining starch.

You need to knead your mixture in a bench with parchment paper and lightly dusting the surface to prevent it from sticking. At first, I find that my mixture was translucent. After adding more starch and kneading it, it turned into a nice brown dough, refer to the picture above.

Then you can start making small little balls. I did not really pay attention to the size of the balls that I made but how it came out was okay for me. There were slightly big ones and good size ones.

Finally, set another pan with water in fire and let the balls boiling for a good 20 minutes. I was actually not sure if I did it well until I removed the balls from the boiling water. Suddenly, it became like the ones in the milk tea stores.

After removing from the boiling water, I prepared another pan on the stove with medium heat, and put a good amount of brown sugar, and waited for it to melt then I added the balls. There we go! Easy and affordable pearls for my beloved milk tea drink!

Will you try to make boba pearl? Have you made one yourself?


  1. I've never thought of making one myself. Well, I've never tried but I'd love to try.

    1. In the hardest part of the quarantine when you feel like having bubble milk tea, this is a good recipe at hand.


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