My Take on The Tiktok-Trend, Dalgona Coffee (Whipped Coffee)

For the two of us (me & my other half), I am always the curious cat. I love exploring. (Happily, I'm still alive! Haha.) There are just too many to try. And I feel like they're calling my name to be given a chance. Haha. Besides, there's not that much to do at home due to the covid19 pandemic. (#blijfthuis / #stayathome)

Anyways, there's this coffee blend that has been bombarding my social media since last week. It has been on trend for some time now and it's just this week that I had the chance to make it. With all honestly, I don't like coffee, yet another reason why I don't have any interest in giving it a chance. But my husband does. And maybe, he'll gonna like it. So last Tuesday, I asked him to do some groceries and I included a jar of instant coffee on the list. For me to be able to have a sip, he bought decaffeinated coffee granules. It also says in the bottle, soft and rich (zacht en rijk). I'm actually not sure what's the difference but yeah.

The recipe is actually very simple. You just need to blend equal parts of coffee, sugar and hot water. Of course, I did not follow the recipe I saw online. I cut down the portion of the sugar to one and a half. With a wire whisk, it took me a heaping seven minutes of arm and hand exercise.

I was very satisfied to see the mixture really froth and double its volume. I was like, "I can do this every day!". When I was done, I prepared an empty glass, add some ice cube on it and poured whole milk. Lastly, I scooped the whipped coffee and put it on top.

Making it was truly satisfying. And that is something you really need to give a try. You'll love it if you're a coffee drinker (cause my husband did!).

To recap, you'll need;
- 2 tablespoons instant coffee
- 1.5 tablespoons white sugar
- 2 tablespoons hot water
- milk
- ice cubes

I also tried making one with Nesquick, you know, maybe it'll work. But nah, the mixture never became airy. I just waisted some minutes of my life. Haha. I ended up putting whipped cream in the chocolate mixture to make it airy. Yeah, where's the fun in that? Next time, if I will have a chance to go to the nearest Asian store, I might get Milo, it works like coffee perse.

Have you tried this whipped coffee? How do you like it?


  1. For someone who loves coffee almost as much as life itself, I'm surprised [at myself] that I haven't tried this out yet. Lol. Maybe I will try one of these days when I get bored enough.

    1. Haha. Success on your dalgona ate. You might want to use a handmixer, it takes so much effort to whip.

  2. It looks so good but I am not a coffee lover plus I have no coffee here with me to even try to make one. haha

    1. They said it works with Milo too, I haven't tried it cause I don't have it at home.

  3. I think by Soft & Rich decaf coffee, you still get the 'kick' of the strong coffee but you won't get overwhelm by it. Or maybe I was wrong haha
    I tried it too and I got obsessed with it because I stopped drinking coffee at cafes or coffee shop because I'll get stomachache after I do but it doesn't happen to me when I drink Dalgona Coffee that I made. So I think I'll be drinking coffee that I make myself, I don't trust outside coffee no matter how expensive their coffee beans are.
    I use my milk frother which only takes me like 3 minutes. But I can imagine serving my guest dalgona coffee by using the big bowl like you did.


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