Busy Bee

I can't find my skirt! I have an interview tomorrow and I'm cramping here yet got time to post in my blog. Hehe. Despite of badvibes, I have managed myself to relax and smile. :) We have another function again, actually, it's our last, next Wednesday, and its going to be an appreciation party for our beloved and supportive parents. They'll be our guests. So I'll be busy this up coming days for the preparation of this special event.

Btw, I revived a gift from my bestfriend last week. It's a Korean Rabbit Pen. :) Instead of using this for nonsense, I decided to keep and preserve it. Haha.

And yes, I have another doodle here. I promised not to draw anymore, yet my hands can't be restrained. Instead of studying in Accounting, I did this cause I really don't understand the lessons. I hope you know how I feel. I tried, I failed. And this time, I'll try again. This would be my last doodle until I passed that subject. :P

We'll be having our tour in Macro Asia on October 6 this year, I hope I will enjoy the said tour without a camera. T.T


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